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The Explorer International SIM Card

SIM Card Operator:
SIM Card Face Value: SGD $24
Credits: USD $10
Expiry Date: (a) No expiry date prior to activation.
(b) After activation, the SIM will NEVER EXPIRE as long as you use a charged service (such as making a call or sending a text message) within any six month period.
(The initial credit balance will expire 2 months after the initial use if you have not added additional credit to the account after your purchase. Otherwise, any balance will expire after 3 months from last use of a charged service / top-up. You can still re-instate the full credit balance on your card by recharging at least USD $30 your account by calling +1 888 5138804).
Top-ups: Via the ekit mobile app.
Operator Website: Click here
Customer Service: Email or call +1 888 5138804 or 154 (with the Explorer International SIM)

Other Queries

Note: Information provided on the Explorer International SIM packs here are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice. If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to ekit’s web-site or call their Customer Service directly.


What’s the difference between using the International SIM and using my normal Singapore SIM card when I am overseas?
Yes, it is convenient to use your Singapore SIM card when you are overseas like you do when you are in Singapore, BUT you will be incurring EXPENSIVE roaming charges for all your usage (i.e. for all incoming / outgoing calls, outgoing SMS and data usage).
Instead, opt to use the International SIM when you are overseas,  which lets you make calls / SMS / data at very economical rates (click here to find out the call rates for your destination). In addition, you will be able to receive incoming calls for free in over 70 destinations and receive free incoming SMS all around the world.  What’s more, to complete the solution, you can use our Link Service to forward your Singapore calls to your Explorer SIM, so you won’t miss any of your calls.


What phone number will I get with the International SIM?
You get a +44 (U.K.) mobile phone number. What’s more, you can also simultaneously add a +1 (U.S.A.) number onto the same International SIM.


Is the International SIM compatible with my phone?
If you normally use your Singapore number in your phone, you will be able to use the International SIM in it. Otherwise, if you’ve purchased your phone outside of Singapore, please ensure that your phone is not SIM-locked, else you will not be able to use any other SIM cards in your card other than that issue by your original telco operator.


What is the size of the SIM card in the International SIM pack?
The International SIM card comes as a tri-sized SIM (regular / micro /nano) SIM card.


Do I need to register the International SIM before using it?
Yes, simply log onto to automatically register the SIM as per the instructions in the pack. After doing so, use the SIM for the first time OUTSIDE of Singapore to activate it.


I’ve slotted the International SIM into my phone but I’m not able to make / receive calls? Is something wrong? (I am currently in Singapore)
If you’re still in Singapore, you will not be able to use the International SIM. It can only be activated when you make your first call outside of Singapore.


I tried to make an outgoing call with the International SIM but the line just disconnects. Is something wrong?
This is normal! To make a call with the International SIM, please also dial “+” followed by full international dialing format of the number (i.e. with the country code and the phone number). When you press dial, your call will immediately cut off and the system will call you back within 60 seconds. Just answer the call to connect.


How do I receive calls with the International SIM?
To receive a call, simply answer the incoming call as per normal.


How much prepaid credit is in the International SIM?
The International SIM we offer comes preloaded with USD$10 credit.


How do I top-up the International SIM?
You can purchase top-up for the International SIM at or via the operator’s mobile app.


Will I be able to surf the web / download e-mails?
Yes, you will be able to surf the web / download e-mails via 2G / 3G / 4G at the prevailing rates of the International SIM. Opt to sign-up for a data plan to reduce data charges substantially. Please refer to the User Guide found with the SIM for phone settings.


Who is ekit?
ekit is a leading U.S.A. pre-paid global mobile provider.