China and H.K. Data SIM Card

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Frequently Asked Questions

The China Mobile – China and Hong Kong – 4G/3G Data SIM Card

SIM Card Operator: China Mobile (Hong Kong)
SIM Card Face Value: HKD $148.00
What you get: 10-days of unlimited data access (first 3GB at maximum 4G/3G speed, thereafter at 128 kbps)
Expiry Date: (a) Prior to activation: as per stated on the SIM packs.
(b) After activation, the SIM card is active for 10 days.
Top-ups: At convenience stores across Hong Kong or online on the China Mobile (H.K.) site (click here).
Operator Website:
Customer Service: +852 29458888

Other Queries

Note: Information provided here on the China Mobile – China and Hong Kong- 4G/3G Data SIM are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice. If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to China Mobile (Hong Kong)’s web-site or call their Customer Service directly.


What’s the difference between the prepaid SIM packs offered here and that retailed in China and/or Hong Kong?
This SIM is the same as those sold in Hong Kong. We have imported these back to Singapore so that you can get them before you depart and able to use it once you arrive. In addition, as these are China Mobile SIMs produced in Hong Kong, you would be able to use these in China to surf the internet without any restrictions.


Do I get a mobile number with this SIM?
No, this SIM is purely a data SIM card, and thus you will not get a mobile number. However, you can still use social media apps, such as Whatsapp / WeChat / Line etc., to make and receive phone calls and text messages.


Is this China Mobile SIM compatible with my phone?
This SIM card is compatible with any 3G / 4G devices which you can use in Singapore. Otherwise, if you’ve purchased your phone outside of Singapore, please ensure that your phone is not SIM-locked, else you will not be able to use any other SIM cards in your card other than that issue by your original telco operator.


Is the China Mobile SIM compatible with devices using micro / nano SIMs?
Yes, it is. The SIM card comes as a tri-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano size) and is immediately usable in your device.


What do I need to do after I purchase the prepaid SIM card? Do I need to register it?
No, you will not need to register this SIM card before use. Once you get into China or Hong Kong, simply put it into your mobile device and it can be used immediately.


I’ve put the SIM card into my mobile device but the network does not register? Is something wrong? (I am currently in Singapore)
If you’re still in Singapore, you will not be able to use this SIM card. The SIM can only be used in China and/or Hong Kong


How do I call Singapore with this SIM?
Make and receive calls with your social media app, such as Whatsapp / WeChat / Line etc. since you will get unlimited and unrestricted data with this SIM.


Will I be able to surf the web / download e-mails?
Yes, you will be receive 10 days of unlimited date with this SIM card in China and/or Hong Kong (first 3GB at maximum 4G/3G speed, thereafter at 128 kbps).


Who is China Mobile?
China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile provider by subscribers.