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U.S.A. (with AT&T)

USA SIM Travel without limitations in the U.S.A.... with unlimited data, talk and text 


The Benefits

Get your local U.S.A. "H2O" prepaid SIM card for your trip to the U.S.A. to enjoy:

Unlimited data! First 3GB at 4G LTE, and thereafter at up to 2G.  
Unlimited talk and SMS to the U.S.A. and Singapore!
Coverage by AT&T, the biggest mobile operator in the U.S.A.! USA is extremely big. Make sure you get coverage from the biggest and best operator there is.

Note: This SIM card comes as a multi-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano).



Rates For The USA SIM Card
SIM Card Operator: H2O Locus Telecommunications (AT&T network)
SIM Card Face Value: USD $30
Credits: 1 month USD $30 unlimited plan  
Expiry Date: (a) Prior to activation: no expiry
(b) After activation, it is valid for 1 month. To extend, simply top-up.

At the mobile operator's website (click here).

Operator Website: Click here!
Customer Service: 611 with the H2O SIM when you are in the USA (or email


Other Queries

Information provided on the USA "H2O" SIM packs here are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice. If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to H2O's web-site or email their Customer Service directly.

What's the difference between the prepaid SIM packs offered here and that retailed in the USA?

There is no difference between these. For your convenience, we have imported the USA H2O SIM packs to Singapore so that you can get them before you depart and able to use it once you arrive. SIM cards are sold at the same price here.

Do I get a USA mobile number with this SIM?

Yes, simply log onto the USA H2O website and activate your SIM card. Upon doing so, you will activate your 1-month unlimited plan and also, get your USA number.

Is the USA compatible with my phone?

To use the SIM, please ensure that your device supports HSPA+ 1700/1900/2100 MHz frequencies to be able to use it across USA. Devices with 1700/2100 or 1900 MHz frequencies will also work but may fall back on the 2G network in certain areas.

Is the H2O SIM compatible with the iPhone or Android phones (or any other devices using a micro / nano SIM)?

Yes, the USA H2O SIM comes as a multi-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano) and is immediately useable in your phone.

What do I need to do after purchasing the SIM card?

When you wish to activate your 1-month unlimited plan, log onto the H2O web-site to activate your SIM card and get your USA phone number.

Who is Locus Telecommunications?

Locus Telecommunications is a leading, prepaid mobile service provider in the USA.


What Are Available?

Need A U.S.A. SIM?

Get your USA H2O SIM card right here!
(pre-loaded with 1-month of the USD $30 unlimited plant)

Purchase it right now ONLINE or from any of our retailers across Singapore!