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U.S.A. and Canada

The best way to stay connected in U.S.A. .... with a local U.S.A. mobile SIM Card!
(For calls / data access / SMS)


The Benefits

When you are in USA and / or Canada, use a local mobile number to keep in touch (the same SIM which the locals use). Roaming with your Singapore number is ridiculously expensive!

Get your USA and Canada prepaid SIM card  right here so that you

Preloaded with 15-days unlimited internet usage! First 3GB at 4G/3G speed, and thereafter at 128 kbps.  
50 minutes of local talktime! With this SIM pack specially produced in Hong Kong.
Converage by the biggest mobile operators! By AT&T (biggest operator) in the U.S.A. and Telus / Bell (2nd and 3rd biggest operators respectively) in Canada.
Easy to use! Simply plug and plug when you get into U.S.A. or Canada

Note: This SIM card comes as a multi-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano).



Rates For The USA and Canada SIM Card


- Unlimited internet usage for 15-days, the first 3GB at maximum 3G/4G speed, and thereafter at 128 kbps
- HKD $50 of stored value, allowing to 50 minutes of local USA / Canada talktime (at HKD $1 per minute)

Note: No further top-up of the SIM is possible
The U.S.A. and Canada 15-day Prepaid SIM  SIM
SIM Card Operator: China Mobile H.K.
SIM Card Face Value: HKD $288
What You Get: 15-days of unlimited internet access and HKD $50 of talktime (equivalent to 50 minutes of local talktime)  
Expiry Date: (a) As per stated on the SIM pack
(b) After activation, 15 days. 

No further top-up / extension is possible.

Operator Website: Click here!
Customer Service: +852 29458888 (or from China, call 400 120 4000)


Other Queries

Information provided on the USA and Canada SIM pack (powered by China Mobile HK) here are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice. If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to China Mobile's web-site or call their Customer Service directly.

Do I get a USA mobile number with this SIM?

Unfortunately, the SIM card does not come with a USA phone number. It does, however, come with a Hong Kong phone number if you wish to be reached. However, since you will receive unlimited data with this SIM card for 15-days, we would suggest that you make calls with various smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat etc.

Is the USA and Canada SIM compatible with my phone?

The China Mobile SIM can be used in any 3G / 4G enabled mobile device that can be used in Singapore (since all phones useable in Singapore are not SIM-locked).

Is the USA and Canada SIM compatible with devices using a micro / nano SIM?

Yes, the SIM comes as a multi-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano) and is immediately useable in your device.

What do I need to do after purchasing the SIM card?

You will not need to register the SIM card. Simply plug it into your device upon your arrival into USA or Canada and the SIM will be automatically activated.

Can I top up the SIM card if I need more data or need data for a longer period of time?

No, you cannot top up the SIM card further. Please purchase a new SIM card is you finish using this SIM.

Who is China Mobile?

China Mobile is the world's largest mobile provider by subscribers.


What Are Available?

Need A U.S.A. and / or Canada SIM?

Get your USA and Canada SIM card right here!
Pre-loaded with 15-days of unlimted internet access (first 3GB at the maximum 3G / 4G speed, thereafter at 128 kbps) and 50 minutes of local talktime.

Purchase it NOW online or from any of our retailers across Singapore!


USA and Canada SIM Card