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Stay connected in Malaysia with a local SIM from Malaysia's biggest mobile operator!
(For calls / data access / SMS)


The Benefits

Get your Malaysia "Celcom" prepaid SIM card right here (the same SIM sold in Malaysia) so that you

Have a Malaysia mobile number now! Avoid the hassle of looking / queueing for a SIM when you arrive!
Get the best local Malaysia rates for CALLS / SMS / INTERNET ACCESS with Celcom, Malaysia's biggest mobile operator! Comes with MYR $20 value. Sufficient to enroll for a 2GB / weekly data plan at MYR $10 (subject to updates from the operator). In addition, logon to the operator's website for the latest product offers.
Get top-ups conveniently! At convenience stores (such as 7-Eleven) / petrol kiosks / phone shops across Malaysia or at SAM machine across Singapore post offices.

Note: This SIM card comes as a multi-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano).



Rates For The Malaysia Celcom SIM Card
The Celcom SIM
SIM Card Operator: Celcom (Malaysia)
SIM Card Face Value: MYR $20.00
Credits: MYR $16.00
Expiry Date: (a) Prior to activation: as per stated on the SIM packs.
(b) After activation, the SIM card is active for 30 days. You can extend this by further topping-up. If you do not reload the SIM card within this period, you will have a grace period of 50 days to top-up (when you can still receive calls and SMS), else the SIM card will also expire.
(Extend 3 days with a MYR $3 - 9 top-up, 7 days with MYR $10 - 19, 15 days with MYR $20 - 29, and 1 day per MYR $1 for a top of of MYR $30 and above.)

Top-up at convenience stores (such as 7-Eleven) / petrol kiosks / phone shops across Malaysia.

Operator Website:
Customer Service: +603 36308888


Other Queries

Information provided on the "Celcom" SIM packs here are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice. If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to Celcom's web-site or call their Customer Service directly.

What's the difference between the prepaid SIM packs offered here and that retailed in Malaysia?

There is no difference between these. For your convenience, we have imported Celcom SIM packs from Malaysia back to Singapore so that you can get them before you depart and able to use it once you arrive.

Do I get a Malaysia mobile number straight away?

Yes, you will find your Malaysia mobile number on the Celcom SIM pack inside the kit.

Is the Celcom SIM compatible with my phone?

If you normally use your Singapore number in your phone, you will be able to use the CelcomSIM in it. Otherwise, if you've purchased your phone outside of Singapore, please ensure that your phone is not SIM-locked, else you will not be able to use any other SIM cards in your card other than that issue by your original telco operator.

Is the Celcom SIM compatible with devices using micro / nano SIMs?

Yes, it is. The Celcom SIM card comes as a tri-sized SIM (normal / micro / nano size) and is immediately usable in your phone.

What do I need to do after I purchase the prepaid SIM card? Do I need to register it?

After purchasing the SIM card, it must be registered (as per Malaysia regulatory requirements) before it can be used. Registration may be done via email to our handling agent (as per instructions found in the kit and may take 1 to 2 working days to complete) or if you are in Malaysia, at any Celcom / Blue Cube outlets across Malaysia. The SIM card will then be activated when you make your first call in Malaysia.

I've registered my SIM card but the network does not register? Is something wrong? (I am currently in Singapore)

If you're still in Singapore, you will not be able to use the Celcom SIM card. The first call must be made from Malaysia.

How do I call Singapore from Malaysia with the Celcom SIM?

Call Singapore directly by adding + in front of your destination number, e.g. +65 xxxxxxxx with Celcom's IDD service at a special rate of S$0.12 / minute (subject to change from Celcom).

Will I be able to surf the web / download e-mails?

Yes, you will be able to access the internet with the "Celcom" SIM card. After activation, the Celcom SIM card starts with under the Pay-as-you-go data plan at MYR $0.50 / 50 Kb. Various data packages are available: (a) MYR $3 / day for 1GB, (b) MYR $10 / week for 2 GB, (c) MYR $30 / month for 5GB, (d) MYR $50 / month for 10GB. Call *118# to subscribe.

I wish to retain my Malaysia Celcom phone number and extend the validity of my credits in the prepaid SIM card. How can I do this?

You can extend the validity of the credit in your Celcom SIM and hold on to your Celcom mobile phone number by either 1 or 2 years at a fee of MYR30 or MYR50 respectively. To do this, either call *118# or SMS: EXP1 or EXP2 (where 1 or 2 are the extension periods requested for) to 28882. For 2 years extension, please ensure you top-up at least MYR30 into the account within 6 months of sending the EXP2 instruction.

Who is Celcom?

Celcom is a member of the Telekom Malaysia group of companies, and is the biggest mobile operator in Malaysia. It has the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide versus the other cellular service providers in Malaysia.


What Are Available?

Need A Malaysia SIM?

Get your local Malaysia "Celcom" SIM pack right here!

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MYR $ 8.50 Malaysia "Celcom"  SIM pack – activate by 11/03/12

Malaysia Celcom SIM pack – activate by 31/10/19