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All others (data only) - Flexiroam X

China and Hong Kong SIM Get connected to the internet economically in over 100 countries with Flexiroam X


The Benefits

Especially great for:
Australia / New Zealand / Indonesia / Malaysia / Japan / South Korea / Taiwan / U.K. / U.S.A. 

Connect to the internet economically whenever and wherever you travel to with the Flexiroam Global Data SIM.

Use the same SIM when you travel! 
Just stick the ultra-thin Flexiroam SIM onto your SIM, insert it into your phone and it's ready to go.  
Opt for an all-encompassing global data package (you can use internet immediately in 100+ countries)
100MB global data package has been preloaded with the starter SIM. 
Opt for a country-specific local data package of your choice
(available for the countries listed above).
What's more, the earlier you subscribe for a data package (prior to your travel date), the better the price! Subscribe conveniently with the Flexiroam X iOS / Android app. 

Note: This SIM support all SIM sizes (normal / micro / nano) and works in nearly all smartphones (click here to check which device is not supported). 



Rates For The Flexiroam Data SIM
Flexiroam Data SIM
SIM Card Operator: Flexiroam
SIM Card Face Value: SGD $8
What You Get: 100MB of global data package (when you register on the app)
Expiry Date: (a) Prior to activation: as per stated on the pack. Once activated, the SIM is valid for 1 year (if you do not subscribe for any packages). 
(b) After you subscribe for a data plan, the plan is valid for the duration as per stated (on the mobile application).

Online with the smartphone (iOS / Android) app.

Operator Website: Click here!
Customer Service: +65 31577333 (or WhatsApp Support @ +6019 2912692) 


Other Queries

For regulatory reasons, this SIM cannot be used in Singapore.

Information provided on the "Flexiroam" SIM packs here are for your ease of reference only and may be subject to amendments by the operator without any prior notice.
If you have any other queries not answered below, please log-on to Flexiroam's web-site or call their Customer Service directly.

What is the Flexiroam X SIM?

The Flexiroam is an ultra-thin microchip which you just need to stick onto your own SIM, insert it back into your SIM and thereafter, you will be able to subscribe for Flexiroam's super economical data packages (country-specific or global packages) to access the internet when you travel. You just need to apply the microchip once onto your SIM and you will not need to switch your SIM again when you travel. 

How do I use the SIM and access data?

After you have applied the Flexiroam X microchip onto your SIM, activate it with the Flexiroam X mobile app (download it first if you have not already done so) as per the instruction found in the user manual (in the pack). 100 MB has been preloaded onto the SIM, which you will receive automatically after activating the SIM. You can subscribe for further global data package or country-specific local data package with the app at your convenience.

Is the Flexiroam X compatible with my phone?

The Flexiroam X is compatible with nearly all smartphones. Please click here for the list of smartphones which are NOT compatible.

Is the Flexiroam X compatible with devices using a micro / nano SIM?

Yes, the Flexiroam X supports all SIM sizes (normal / micro / nano).

Can I still receive phone calls / SMS after I have switched to the Flexiroam X network?

After inserting the SIM into your phone and switching to the Flexiroam X network to access data, your original SIM will be de-activated and you will not be able to make / receive calls / SMS with your original SIM. This serves to ensure that you will not be charged by your mobile operator. You can still make calls and send messages with applications using data. You can switch back to your original SIM at any time to check calls / SMS. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE DEACTIVATED DATA ROAMING BEFORE SWITCHING BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL SIM SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED DATA ROAMING CHARGES BY YOUR MOBILE OPERATOR.

Can I top up the SIM card if I need more data or need data for a longer period of time?

Yes, you can subscribe for further data via the mobile app at any time.

Who is Flexiroam?

Flexiroam is a leading public listed (on the Australian Securities Exchange) mobile virtual network operator, headquartered in Malaysia.


What Are Available?

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Get your Flexiroam X Data SIM card right here!
(pre-loaded with 100 MB of global data package)

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Global Data SIM - Flexiroam X

Global Data SIM - Flexiroam X