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Welcome to Trusling, a distributor of prepaid SIM cards from around the world and a provider of broadband telephony solutions for both consumers and corporate!

Mobile Phone (Prepaid) SIM Cards From Around The World

Save up to 99% on costly roaming call charges when you travel!
Roaming calls charges are extremely expensive. Use a local prepaid SIM cards of your destination to make calls at the best possible rates. Get them HERE (the same SIM cards sold at your destination and at the same price), so you won't have to search for one only when you arrive.

Extra Tip: Use these with our Link Service, which divert your Singapore calls to your overseas number, for a complete call solution!

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Explorer International SIM Card

The one SIM you can use economically around the world!

The Explorer SIM is the optimal solution for the jetsetter who plans to travel to various destinations and does not wish to carry multiple mobile phone numbers. Use the Explorer SIM for calls / SMS / data.

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Ready-2-Go Link Service

Divert your calls to any phone number in the world and save on incoming roaming costs!

Have an overseas phone number? Use the Link Service to forward all your Singapore calls to your overseas phone number... at our super saver IDD rates.

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Ready-2-Call IDD Card

The IDD Calling Card which saves you more with great rates, per second billing and no hidden / connection fees!

For customers in Singapore looking for a simple and cost-efficient method to call their loved ones or friends overseas,check out our Ready-2-Call International Calling Card.

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Continue to keep a look out here for the latest range of innovative calling solutions we have in the pipeline, designed specially to cater for all your calling needs!